Thank you for joining us at the 2021 Character Lab Convening on July 22!

Character Lab Convening is an exclusive professional development opportunity designed for our school partners from across the country.

As students emerge from two years of disrupted learning, we know schools want all students to feel safe and supported in their classrooms and connected to their teachers and community. Convening creates space for educators to learn more about the latest research on these topics and to apply that research to their schools’ contexts.

At the 2021 Convening, we learned from renowned researchers in the field of developmental psychology:

  • Dr. Angela Duckworth – University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Mesmin Destin – Northwestern University
  • Dr. Brian Galla – University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Andrea Hussong – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Dr. Tyler Renshaw – Utah State University

Check out some of the programming:

We look forward to working with you this school year!