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We all want kids to thrive—now and in the future. That’s why Character Lab shares advice based on the latest scientific research on healthy development.

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Building character is important. But it’s hard figuring out what to do or say to help kids cultivate strengths like gratitude, curiosity, and grit. We’re here to help.  

How it works

  • Cutting-edge research gets published in scientific journals, but they’re hidden behind paywalls and written in academic language. We translate these findings for you. 
  • Our Playbooks, Tips, and other resources are created by top researchers who explain the science—and give advice on how to apply it.
  • All the information is fact-checked with the scientists who conducted the research. 
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Guides to character strengths like kindness, creativity, and self-control written by world-class scientists. 

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Frequently asked questions

We invite researchers in psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and other disciplines to write about their areas of specialty. They highlight one specific finding and suggest ways to apply it, particularly with adolescents.

Tip of the Week emails go out on Sunday mornings during the school year. We take a break in the summer, but you can always read Tips you’ve missed here

We believe the world would be a better place if every child had a psychologically wise adult in their life. In our Playbooks, you’ll find suggestions on how to model, celebrate, and enable that character strength. And each Tip ends with a “do”—examples of what you can do to apply the research. But you know your child best—you will find your own ways to practice and encourage these strengths!    

We match schools to researchers interested in generating scientific insights about the success and well-being of kids. Through our partnerships with schools and researchers, we aim to increase the quantity, relevance, and quality of those insights.

Research activities are studies that students participate in up to three times a year in the form of short online surveys. 

We include teacher and student input within the research process and share important information about student development with schools.

We develop strategic partnerships with media, publishers, curriculum creators, and technology providers to raise awareness about how kids thrive and create evidence-based resources that are actionable for parents and educators.