Hello, Strategic Partner

We want to work with you to help kids thrive! 

Partner With Us

We partner with organizations that serve teens and educators to create, share, and embed high-quality resources into your products and services.  

How it works

  • Our team will work to determine which type of partnership, Media or Inside, best suits your needs. 
  • Depending on the partnership type, we will work together to provide you with appropriate resources and build a partnership model. 
  • As the partnership continues, Character Lab will work with you to reflect on progress, gather data on program implementation, and offer support to further enhance the partnership.

Media Partners

We work with a variety of print and digital media outlets to provide science-backed resources on youth thriving to their audiences. 

Inside Partners

Our Inside partners include outside of school organizations that serve youth, groups that support educators, and companies creating teen-facing consumer products. We work with Inside partners to do research with teens and implement science-back resources into their products and services. 

Co-Design With Youth

We believe that when you’re building something to support young people, you should build it with young people.

Involving youth in the design process from the very beginning helps ensure that your product or program really resonates, meets young people’s needs, is tailored to their context, and honors their expertise. We can help connect you to young people to co-design and provide feedback on your products and services, quickly and iteratively.

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Custom Partnerships 

Each Inside partnership is unique. Here are some examples of how we’ve worked with partners so far. 

Psychology Today

  • Used our Tips to enrich their audience of practitioners
  • Through our partnership, we’ve reached over 100K readers

McGraw Hill Education

  • Worked with our team to personalize the use of our Tips to incorporate SEL in their programming
  • Co-Created a personalized curriculum


  • Worked with our trained youth feedback group (CLIP) at every stage of product development
  • Used CLIP to ensure that the needs of teens were central in their product

Our Partners

Frequently asked questions

Can I use your Tips & Playbooks?

  • Yes! Use of these materials is free and encouraged.
  • It’s our goal to make our work as widely accessible as possible. To that end, you’re welcome to use and distribute our materials to your staff or colleagues for non-commercial purposes. Similarly, if you’d like to share them on a blog or other public forum, that’s great, too. All of our materials are under copyright, so we ask that you credit us and respect the following limitations: Please don’t take our work and 1) claim it’s your own, 2) misrepresent or misconstrue it and then claim the ideas came from us, or 3) attempt to make money from it in any way. If you wish to distribute our content for commercial purposes, please contact us. Thanks!

How can I know what collaboration opportunity is best for my organization?

  • Reach out to our team and we are more than happy to have a discovery call to explore what would be the best fit for you and your organization.

Who are the media partners you work with typically?

Publishers, media outlets, blogs, educational providers, and companies with wide reach. 

What do these media partners do?

They syndicate Character Lab resources to a broader audience of parents and educators and/or encourage the use of scientifically backed insights in their content and/or products.  

Why are media partners important?

These partnerships bring more eyes to our resources, increase Altmetric mentions of scientific insights, support positive brand visibility, increase inbound traffic to our website, and build trust among our audiences.

What’s the lift to become a media partner?

Relatively low lift as most syndications are shared verbatim. 

Who are Inside partners typically?

Organizations and companies that serve teens or those who work with them directly.

What do Inside partners do?

They collaborate with us to transform Character Lab resources into programs, services, and products.

Why are Inside partners important?

These partnerships impact teens for the better by encouraging adoption of actionable advice.  

What’s the lift to become an Inside partner?

It varies—the partnership can include training, collaboration, and multi-stage reviews of co-designed content.