Hello, Teen

We work with teens like you! One of our values is kids first. Because we are researching and designing for youth, we need youth at the table. 

The CLIP Program 

CLIP is a remote, year-round educational program for high school students interested in research about youth well-being. CLIPsters (what we call participants) learn about research methods, contribute to research on student well-being, and co-design products and services with our partner organizations while receiving a scholarship for their participation.

Join Us!

Are you interested in contributing to research on youth well-being? Want experience in design thinking practices? Looking to have a positive impact on your school and community? The CLIP program is for you! 

Unique voice

CLIPsters represent youth voice and perspective in all the work we do at Character Lab. You will help us co-create research running on our network, co-design scientifically backed products and tools with our partner organizations, and help shape our research agenda.


Through CLIP, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in focus groups and interviews, co-design products and research, and give feedback on research studies. Plus, the schedule is flexible! You choose your level of participation—all while earning a stipend.


CLIPsters serve as representatives for our work and affect positive change in their communities. You do not need to be enrolled in a Character Lab school or  involved in a partner organization to join. Your perspective and insight is valuable for our work and beyond!

Interested in Applying?

Any student in grades 9-12 can apply. 

How it works

  • Complete a brief written application, so we can get to know you and your interests (launching spring 2024).
  • We will be in touch via email about your application status and next steps (early summer 2024).

Frequently asked questions

Anyone who will be in grades 9-12 in the 2024-2025 school year can apply. There are no academic or GPA requirements to join, and students in nontraditional school programs are welcome. We encourage all students to apply, particularly those who are neurodiverse, identify as people of color, and/or identify as LGBTQIA+.

Successful CLIP applicants will demonstrate:

  • An interest in research, education, and/or psychology
  • Responsibility and enthusiasm about a professional learning opportunity
  • Time management skills
  • Candor and a willingness to speak honestly with researchers 
  • Clarity in written and verbal communication

CLIP summer orientation takes place remotely in July. During this training period, you’ll get to know each other, learn about design thinking and the scientific method, and receive training on how to give feedback to researchers.

The virtual summer orientation totals approximately 20 hours of learning. You must attend all sessions during the summer program.

Yes, you’ll receive a generous quarterly scholarship. Scholarships start at $50 per quarter and increase based on your level of participation in the program. This scholarship is disbursed once in the summer and then quarterly. 

Because this is a nonqualified scholarship (and is considered taxable income), there are no restrictions on how the money can be spent. 

You may also receive additional benefits, such as Character Lab swag or opportunities to connect with our partner organizations.

Throughout the year (from the July orientation through May 2025), you can choose your level of engagement. On average, you should expect to participate in two to three activities each month. However, the CLIP program is designed to be flexible and allows you to participate in the activities you find the most interesting when you have time. We warmly welcome students who are balancing other jobs, home responsibilities, extracurricular activities, or other commitments.

Yes. CLIPsters can choose the level of participation that makes sense at any given time. However, since CLIP is an educational program, you will be required to attend quarterly check-ins. These check-ins will help you build your knowledge about user experience, research design, and other topics. Plus they’ll help you build relationships with other students in the program! 

CLIPsters will interact with Character Lab team members and Character Lab Research Network (CLRN) researchers. You will also join a strong community of students with similar interests from around the country!

Testimonials from past & present CLIPsters 

“As a CLIPster, I have gained access to knowledge about the world of research and was able to be a voice for students so that researchers can better recognize the challenges students face. Character Lab has also connected me with other communities of students and mentors who have knowledge of and experience in my interests.” —Zahnette, 12th grade

“I loved having the opportunity to contribute my ideas and perspectives on topics that are relevant to my life as a teenager! Everyone was so warm and open, and I would totally do it again!” —Onyeka, 10th grade

“Imagine meeting a community who is always there to support you no matter what. That is precisely what CLIP has allowed me to do, and now I have close friends all over the country! Not only that, but I was able to help researchers gather data, which will allow policy decisions to be better suited to other teenagers like me!” —Nathan, 12th grade

“Participating in CLIP gave me the chance to advocate for myself and my peers in studies where our voices would normally be absent. I was able to delve into a practical application of the psychology and sociology with students who share my passion and willingness to learn.” — Roman, 12th grade

“Being a part of the CLIP team has introduced me to research and opened up career interests and pathways for me that I would have never foreseen myself in! From the people I have met to the studies and activities I participated in, I would consider my time as a CLIPster invaluable.” —Shadrack, 12th grade

We will collect a signed acceptance letter, where you will also share your preferred payment information with us. This letter also requires a signature from your parent or guardian. More details will come on acceptance into the program.

No! We are committed to ensuring equitable access for all students who are selected into the program. If you need support with technology or internet access, please reach out to the Character Lab team.

Please feel free to email clip@characterlab.org with any additional questions you have about the program.