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The Paramecium Principle

Life lessons from a single-celled organism

The paramecium is an amazing organism.  It survives and thrives using just one basic principle: If things are getting better, keep swimming in that direction, and if not, change course. 


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Step by Step

Think of goals as part of the journey, not the destination

Me to Me

Make comparisons with yourself, not with others
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Evidence-based ways to help children thrive. Check out our new Judgment and Decision Making Playbooks!

Decision Making Playbook

Choosing wisely

Judgment Playbook

Getting as close as possible to the best answer

Grit Playbook

Passion and perseverance for long-term goals

Gratitude Playbook

Appreciating what you’ve been given

Self-Control Playbook

Doing what’s best despite short-term temptations

Curiosity Playbook

Wanting to know more