Sixty seconds of actionable advice, based on science

Roots & Shoots

Feeding curiosity

The Money Trap

More isn’t always better

Unrecognized Strengths

The power of being you

See What’s Possible

Role models matter

All Together Now

The lesson of Swimmy

Guided Mastery

The scaffolding you need to grow stronger

Choice Architecture

How to make daunting decisions feel doable

Rebel With a Cause

Help teens resist the pull of social media

No Two Alike

The surprising variability of brothers and sisters

Fear Factor

Overcoming the awkwardness of asking for help

Judge Not

Don’t let disagreements lead to disdain


Acceleration is more effective than remediation

Well-Being Matters

An index to measure student thriving

Step Outside

Have an awe-some summer

Take Notice

Foster mindfulness through observation

Choosing Wisely

Show the process, not just the outcome

Success Story

Describing wins helps build resilience


Why you don’t learn from failure

Reserve Judgment

How to get closer to the right answer

The Romeo and Juliet Effect

Coercion is counterproductive

Temptation Bundling

Treat yourself to accomplish your goals

The Element of Surprise

Something to chew on

Less Can Be More

The overlooked power of subtraction

Step Back

Let kids do it themselves

The Key to Reading People

Channel your inner detective

You Are What You Feed

How to bring out your best

The Crowd Within

Which “you” do you like most?

Decoding Emotions

Thoughts before feelings

Career Paths

Having many aims doesn’t make kids aimless

More Than Meets the Eye

How to look beyond race

Tell Me Something Funny

Make ’em laugh—and remember


Friends for life

Myth of the Lazy Genius

Talent and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive

The Problem With Venting

Real help provides both support and perspective

Talking to Yourself

You’ve got a friend in you

Admitting Mistakes

Confessions are convincing

Hack Your Space

Putting distance between you and your vices

We Can Do It

Teamwork in the classroom—and in life

The Stories We Tell

Writing about—and growing—competence

Cultivating Confidence

Succeeding one step at a time

Can I or Can’t I?

Ability is in the eye of the beholder

Authoritative Mentors

Demanding and supportive is a powerful combination

The Why of Education

Doing well and doing good

Tough Teachers

Beloved isn’t always best

Turn Weakness Into Strength

Improvement comes from challenging yourself


Harnessing the IKEA Effect

How to make hard work a labor of love

Ask, Don’t Tell

Teaching is about listening, not just about talking

The Holy Trinity of Healthy Relationships

How to forge true connections

Work Smarter, Sooner

How to develop a strategic mindset

Watch Your Words

Why it’s important to say what you think

Under the Influence

When conformity works for good

V Is for Vulnerability

Admitting failure is its own kind of victory

Hard Choices Made Easier

Ask yourself what’s good enough

Rituals as Resets

Make back-to-school season a fresh start

Facing the Future

This I believe

How to Benefit From Boredom

Why you get bored and what to do about it

Choosing Challenge

A model of mastery

Proactivity in Your Inbox

An email can build a door

Risky Business

Calibrating confidence when making decisions

How to Be Supportive

The power of presence

Making the Grade

Achievement does not require winning

Thanks to Teachers

The magic of the gratitude letter

Emotions Are Contagious

But you can control what spreads

The Other Side of Stress

Adversity can make you stronger

High Anxiety

Imagining the future helps the present

Keep Your Distance

Staying connected from afar

Free Your Mind

What you can do wherever you are

Name That Feeling

Reading your emotions takes practice

Wash Your Hands for Grandma

How to close the intention-behavior gap

Environments, Past and Present

How stress influences future behavior

Preach What You Practice

What we say reinforces character

Harnessing Curiosity

Curate what you can’t control

Know Thyself

Your values are your compass

The Parenting Trap

When to neglect your kids

Let Teens Sleep In

The benefits of later school start times

Meaning Is Subjective

Self-control 303

Attention Is Selective

Self-control 202

Situations Are Objective

Self-control 101

Sleep Success

Setting yourself up for New Year’s resolutions

Character on Autopilot

Harnessing your habits

The Roots of Optimism

The power of believing people can change

Planting a Growth Mindset

What you believe changes what you do

Letting Kids Drive

Why doing leads to learning

Thank Teens for Giving

The need to contribute in adolescence

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

The secret to creativity

The Creative Spirit

Open yourself to possibilities

A Lesson in Active Learning

How to make difficulty desirable

Desirable Difficulty

When effort is better than ease

The Soul of Empathy

Getting, not taking, perspective

Honesty Nudge

The grateful don’t cheat

The Wallet Test

How honest are you?


Practice Makes Perseverance

The lesson in hard things

Life, Unplugged

Time for a screen test

Give and You Shall Receive

How to help teenagers help themselves

Mood Meter

Emotional Intelligence 101

A beginner’s guide to feelings

The Secret

Permission to feel


Intelligence Plus Character

The purpose of education


Imagine That

How reading a good book can make you a better person


The Peak-End Rule

How to leave an impression

Summer Is for Sampling

Planting the seeds of passion


Grading Report Cards

What’s in an A—and what’s not


Great Expectations

Ask for what you want


Think it, Do it

Developing an implementation mindset


The Power of Proactivity

You are someone


The Power of Questions

Self-explanation over other-explanation


Lost in Translation

The art and science of communication


Bragging Backfires

The hidden costs of self-promotion

Social Blind Spots

Social Blind Spots

Why we need feedback to develop social intelligence


Making Kindness Common

How to raise kind kids


Lemons and Lemonade

Whatever life gives you, give back

Knowing What You Don’t Know

How to impress an audience.

Naive Realism

Even the left think they’re right.

Values Affirmation

What we care about.

Beyond the Self

Purpose over pleasure.

Valentine’s Day Mindset

Beliefs about romantic love.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Everyday excellence.

The Salvation of Habits

How to make self-control effortless.


How to keep your eye on the ball.

The Best-Laid Plans

Making your resolutions a reality.

Fine-Tuning Your Fresh Start

How to keep hope afloat in the New Year.

Heart and Will

Gratitude opens the door to self-control.

Gratitude Nudge

Making gratitude easier.

Paying it Forward

Gratitude sparks generosity.

Gauging Your Gratitude

How grateful are you today?

Capturing the Moment

Filming and forgetting our lives.

Experiences Endure

How to give gifts that last.

Headwinds Versus Tailwinds

Barriers loom larger than benefits.

Social Media and Well-Being

The double-edged sword of social media.

Nature versus Nurture

What we can do with our DNA.

Situation Modification

Out of sight, out of mind.


The power of positive relationships.

What Matters

How our environments shape our behavior.

Gratitude Letter

Remembering Walter Mischel.

Would You Rather

How the right questions open doors to meaningful conversations.

Birds of a Feather

Sometimes we need help—just a tiny clue—to assure us that we belong together.

Belonging Mindset

How can we change kids’ mindsets during transition periods?

Fitting In First

What happens in the brain when you feel like you don’t fit in?

Perfect Storm

On cell phone usage and self-control in teenagers.

The Flynn Effect

How could it be that as a species, we’re getting smarter?

Psychological Distance

Why are kids today better at delaying gratification?

Kids Today

Why does it seem like kids today have worse self-control than they did 50 years ago?

Hard Fun

Are “fun” and “hard” mutually exclusive?

Imitation is Inspiration

Imitation is not only the highest form of flattery, it is also one of the fastest forms of learning.

Gratitude is Always Eloquent

On the magic of gratitude letters.


Our mindsets can powerfully shape how we interpret our objective situations.


There are many paths to a calling. Some are short and direct, but most are not.

Curiosity Counts

On the importance of curiosity in our everyday lives.

All In

Why do some people get discouraged, retreat, and then, as a result, see their prophecy of failure fulfilled?