Research-based guides to cultivate strengths of heart, mind, and will


Gratitude Playbook

Appreciating what you’ve been given

Kindness Playbook

Actions or speech intended to help others

Honesty Playbook

Telling, and not hiding, the truth

Purpose Playbook

Commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the world

Emotional Intelligence Playbook

Understanding your feelings and using them wisely

Social Intelligence Playbook

The ability to connect with other people

Judgment Playbook

Getting as close as possible to the best answer

Decision Making Playbook

Choosing wisely

Curiosity Playbook

Wanting to know more

Creativity Playbook

Thinking of novel solutions

Intellectual Humility Playbook

Recognizing the limitations of your knowledge

Grit Playbook

Passion and perseverance for long-term goals

Growth Mindset Playbook

Believing you can improve your abilities

Self-Control Playbook

Doing what’s best despite short-term temptations

Proactivity Playbook

Taking initiative