Are there more character strengths than listed on your site?

Yes, there are many more individual character strengths than we have listed. We’ve selected some of the best-studied strengths across all three dimensions of character. There’s probably no list that’s exhaustive because character is not one-size-fits-all; we encourage teachers, students, and families to think about what’s right for them. What strengths are important to you and your community?

That said, Character Lab is in the process of launching additional character strength pages, so check back soon. You can explore additional character strengths at the VIA Institute on Character.

Where are the other Playbooks?

We are developing new Playbooks constantly. In the meantime, enjoy our WOOP Playbook. If you’d like to be notified when the new Playbooks are released, join our mailing list. If you have thoughts or requests regarding the WOOP Playbook, contact us.

How can I get involved with Character Lab?

Character Lab is looking for educators to help shape future Playbooks. If this is something you’d like to be involved with, fill out this form, and Character Lab will reach out to you as needed. If you’d like to offer support in other ways, contact us with your ideas or make a donation.

Do you offer measures of character for summative assessment?

No, we don’t offer summative character assessment. Why not? There are several reasons. For instance, character measures are often too easy to fake, and we think that assessing character for a grade undermines the idea of character as intrinsically good for the student and others. Read more in this op-ed and this academic paper.

Doesn’t success depend on things other than character?

Yes, success is affected by many factors. But there is evidence that character skills benefit students no matter their circumstances.

What kinds of schools are you working with?

We work with all types of schools. We believe that character development has a place wherever there are students—private, public, parochial, urban, suburban, rural, low-income, high-income, and everything in between. For budget reasons, we currently host research projects only in the US.

I have a program that develops character. Can we partner? Can you evaluate it?

It’s great to hear that others are doing parallel work. However, we’re not set up to partner with or evaluate other programs at this time.

It’s our goal to make our work as widely accessible as possible. To that end, you’re welcome to use and distribute our materials to your staff or colleagues for non-commercial purposes. Similarly, if you’d like to share them on a blog or other public source, that’s great too. All of our materials are under copyright, so we ask that you credit us and respect the following limitations: Please don’t take our work and 1) claim it’s your own, 2) misrepresent or misconstrue it and then claim the ideas came from us, or 3) attempt to make money from it in any way. If you wish to distribute our content for commercial purposes, please contact us. Thanks!