Research Network


About Research Network

Character Lab Research Network was a consortium of schools and scientists working collaboratively to advance scientific insights that help kids thrive.

Overwhelming evidence shows that character strengths such as curiosity, humility, and kindness are essential to the achievement and well-being of students. Although character strengths are malleable, surprisingly little is known about how to cultivate them intentionally. Why? One reason is that school-based research is especially hard to do.

The Research Network made school-based research fast, frictionless, and fruitful. Our infrastructure reduced the time from “good idea” to “scientifically-tested insight” in half, from more than a year to six months or fewer. We shouldered the legal, logistical, and technological burdens that typically fell to scientists and schools. And we brought scientists and educators together to develop and iteratively prototype activities that led to scientific insights that help kids thrive.


Research Network scientists included well-known and emerging experts in adolescent development, behavioral economics, neuroscience, sociology, and other disciplines from a wide range of universities around the country.

School Partners

We partnered with districts and individual schools committed to the importance of character, SEL competencies, and life skills.

Our school partners included public, private, and charter schools across the country. Partners provided ongoing feedback to all studies run on Character Lab Research Network.