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Bridging Research and Practice

Transforming 5th to 12th Grade Education Through Evidence-Based Approaches To Character Development

2015 Research Cohort

  • Bryan christopher
    Yeager david

    Bringing Purpose to Healthy Eating

    Christopher Bryan (University of Chicago) and David Yeager (University of Texas at Austin)

    This project utilizes a brief curriculum to target adolescents’ pro-social purpose as a means to increase adolescent self-control. By exploring the way that food companies target young people for unhealthy food choices, the intervention seeks to motivate adolescents to employ self-control in order to resist this marketing and make better food choices.

  • Lyubomirsky sonja

    Gratitude as a Trigger of Self-improvement in Adolescents

    Sonja Lyubomirsky (University of California, Riverside)

    This study investigates building gratitude, through the use of letter writing, testimonials, and reflections, as a mechanism for self-improvement in 9th and 10th graders.

  • Destin mesmin

    Learning to Tell a Better Story

    Mesmin Destin (Northwestern University)

    This study teaches adolescents to reframe the way they think about their personal narratives to construe past challenges as redemption stories, building pro-social purpose and gratitude, and improving academic outcomes.

  • Eberhardt jennifer
    Walton greg

    Lifting the Bar

    Jennifer Eberhardt (Stanford University) and Greg Walton (Stanford University)

    This project employs a brief social belonging intervention in which adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system write or record messages to other young people in the juvenile justice system and to teachers in order to: a) Grow grit and pro-social purpose in high school students transitioning back to school from the juvenile justice system; and b) Increase likelihood of successful school re-entry and persistence.

  • Mckee laura
    Algoe sara

    Picture This! Framing Purpose & Bringing Gratitude into Focus

    Laura McKee (University of Georgia) and Sara Algoe (University of North Carolina)

    This intervention seeks to increase gratitude in 9th graders through the use of digital picture taking, sharing, and savoring. This study combines positive psychology (gratitude) with cognitive bias modification to foster student growth.


The goal of the Bridging Research and Practice RFP is to translate evidence-based research into effective classroom interventions. Character Lab will fund two-year school-based research projects focused on character development. Projects are awarded grants to cover the cost of their research, along with support to build meaningful school connections.

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