A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life

Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman | Curiosity

Why we love it: Oscar–winning producer Brian Grazer writes a brilliantly entertaining exploration of curiosity, peppered with anecdotes from the “curiosity conversations” he had with world-experts and celebrities—and he shows how all of us can channel curiosity’s power to lead bigger and more rewarding lives.

From pages 214-215:
Michael Jackson was clearly not much of a small-talk person. And to be honest, I didn’t know exactly what to talk to him about. I certainly didn’t want to bore him. I asked, “How do you create music?” And he immediately started to talk about how he creates music—how he composes it, how he performs it, all in a way that was almost scientific. In fact, his whole manner transformed. When we first started talking, he had that high, slightly childish voice people know. But as soon as he started to talk about making music, even his voice changed, and he became another person—it was like a master class, like a professor from Julliard was talking. Melody, lyrics, what the mixing engineer does. It blew my mind.