Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life

Diane Tavenner | Curiosity

Why we love it: The leader of an innovative group of public schools shares a treasure trove of practical wisdom about how kids learn best—and ways to create the conditions for them to do exactly that.

From page 184:
Learning begins with curiosity. When a person genuinely has a question, the next logical thing to do is to seek an answer to it. People ask questions about things that interest them and generally aren’t curious about things that don’t. And outside a formal classroom experience, when someone wants to find an answer, they need to self-direct to get it. The solution to the chicken-and-egg problem, then, is curiosity-driven knowledge. Simply put, when we enable kids to follow their curiosities and interests, they learn much more. As they learn much more, they get better at learning. It becomes a virtuous cycle.