Kenda Daniels

Partner, School Experience

Kenda is a Partner, School Experience, who strengthens relationships with existing school partners and recruits potential school partners for Character Lab Research Network.

Kenda is inspired by Character Lab’s mission to advance scientific insights that help kids thrive. Her ethos and work are driven by improving the quality of well-being and emotional intelligence of students, educators, and caregivers.

Before joining Character Lab, Kenda contributed to impacting students, schools, and district-level outcomes throughout her career in EdTech and K-12 Public Schools. She brings demonstrated skills in relationship cultivation, project management, and data analysis to her role. She holds an MS degree in Psychology from Life University, where she concentrated on humanistic and positive psychology.

In Kenda’s free time, she enjoys listening to thought-provoking podcasts, practicing yoga, and taking mindful walks in the park with her husband and pup.

Kenda’s pronouns are she/her/hers.