Get to know the team


Angela Duckworth

Founder and CEO

Sean Talamas

Executive Director

Julia Belsky

Partner, People Operations and Financial Management

Shelby Billups

Partner, Research Facilitation and Experience

Colleen Counihan

Partner, School Experience

Erin Daily

Partner, Strategic Business Development

Rachel Dougherty

Partner, Communications

Meg Foran

Partner, School Partnerships

Diana Gould

Partner, People Operations

Leah Greenspan

Partner, Research Infrastructure and Operations

Patrick Kerr

Partner, Technology

Elliot Luscombe

Partner, Strategic Business Development

Ana Mancebo

Partner, Development and Revenue Strategy

Abbie McGill

Partner, Student Programming and Research Infrastructure

Elijah Moore

Partner, Finance and Operations

Paige Onouye

Partner, Research Facilitation and Infrastructure

Kelly Organ

Partner, Research Operations and Strategy

Michael Pih

Partner, Legal and Special Projects

Kelly Costigan Rhodenbaugh

Partner, School Experience

Jim Schroder

Partner, Finance, Operations and Strategy

Tara Taylor

Partner, Design Thinking

David Torres

Partner, Revenue Operations