Julia Belsky Julia Belsky throwback

Julia Belsky

Manager, Finance and Operations

Shelby Billups Shelby Billups throwback

Shelby Billups

Manager, Research Facilitation and Experience

Kenda Daniels Kenda Daniels throwback

Kenda Daniels

Manager, Revenue Operations

Leah Greenspan Leah Greenspan

Leah Greenspan

Manager, Research Partnerships

Lisa Hamiel Lisa Hamiel throwback

Lisa Hamiel

Manager, Research Partnerships

Patrick Kerr Patrick Kerr throwback

Patrick Kerr

Manager, Experience & Technology

Joy Kim Joy Kim throwback

Joy Kim

Manager, Experience & Technology

Rachael Kinnaird Rachael Kinnaird throwback

Rachael Kinnaird

Executive Assistant

Sophie Leveille Sophie Leveille throwback

Sophie Leveille

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Ana Mancebo Ana Mancebo throwback

Ana Mancebo

Manager, Development and Revenue Strategy

Nabiha Mirza Nabiha Mirza throwback

Nabiha Mirza

Manager, People Operations

Elijah Moore Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore

Manager, Finance, Operations, and Technology

Kelly Organ Kelly Organ throwback

Kelly Organ

Director, Research Partnerships

Kelly Costigan Rhodenbaugh Kelly Costigan Rhodenbaugh throwback

Kelly Costigan Rhodenbaugh

Director, School Partnerships

Jim Shroder Jim Shroder throwback

Jim Schroder

Director, Finance and Operations

Michelle Shih Michelle Shih throwback

Michelle Shih

Contract Executive Editor

Tara Taylor Tara Taylor throwback

Tara Taylor

Director, Experience & Technology

David Torres David Torres throwback

David Torres

Director, Revenue Operations

Brandi Tucker Brandi Tucker throwback

Brandi Tucker

Manager, School Partnerships

Abbie Wyatt-McGill Abbie Wyatt-McGill throwback

Abbie Wyatt-McGill

Manager, Growth & Partnerships Manager

Vanessa Zuidema Vanessa Zuidema throwback

Vanessa Zuidema

Manager, School Partnerships