Thoughts of the Week

Choosing an Angle

How shifts in perspective can radically transform our experiences.

All In

Why do some people get discouraged, retreat, and then, as a result, see their prophecy of failure fulfilled?

Curiosity Counts

On the importance of curiosity in our everyday lives.


There are many paths to a calling. Some are short and direct, but most are not.


Our mindsets can powerfully shape how we interpret our objective situations.

Gratitude is Always Eloquent

On the magic of gratitude letters.

Imitation is Inspiration

Imitation is not only the highest form of flattery, it is also one of the fastest forms of learning.

Hard Fun

Are “fun” and “hard” mutually exclusive?

Kids Today

Why does it seem like kids today have worse self-control than they did 50 years ago?

Psychological Distance

Why are kids today better at delaying gratification?